Walnut Student Recital, May 2015

"We felt fortunate to have you as Kacie's flute teacher. Your lovely personality, helpful manner, and your skill set will leave a deep impression in Kacie's early age of life. Thank you for being "Wonderful." "

                                     -David and Ruth, Parents

"Thank you so much for teaching Ashley this year. I could see how much she has improved, not only her skills, but also her interest toward music."

                                      -Amy Chen, Parent


Practice Routine

Students are encouraged to practice as often as possible. A healthy practice session includes warm-ups that exercise both tone and technique, as well as pieces that incorporate the elements of the warm-up into beautiful music. Exercises are created for the students to reach specific goals. Pieces and etudes are selected based on the experience of the student. With practice sessions, both quantity and quality are essential; quantity of time to make sure practicing is done on a regular basis so that muscles stay strong, and quality practice so that the time spent practicing is used to work out difficult sections in the music, not just "play through" without fixing errors. I encourage students to create a practice schedule to ensure that goals are reached.


For each lesson, it is required that the student have a flute in working condition, a music stand, metronome, tuner, current repertoire, a notebook to keep track of lessons, and a pencil. In addition, each student should have a music stand for at-home practice.


Lessons take place at Mrs. Miller's studio in the San Gabriel Valley and at Walnut/Diamond Bar area locations. 


Scheduling is dependent on the schedules of the student and parent to find a time that accommodates everyone. 


Please inquire via e-mail or by phone at amillerflute@gmail.com or 310.913.2008 for information on rates.


Both cash and check payments are accepted. The payment for the lesson is due at the end of each lesson. Cash payments should be sealed in a labeled envelope with the student's name with the exact payment amount. Checks should include student's name in "Memo" portion of the check.


Lessons can be rescheduled. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. If the cancellation is made within less than a 24-hour period, the fee for that lesson still applies. If the student is late, not there for the scheduled lesson, or is there but without a flute, the lesson fee will still apply for the scheduled lesson time. Students more than 10 minutes late will not receive the remainder of the lesson and will pay in full.